COVID-19: how's your area doing?

streak, n.1 A temporary run (of luck). In phrase: (on) a winning streak, (experiencing) a series of wins (or losses).

Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Select an area within England & Wales from the list below, and the page will fetch data on new cases per day (by specimen date) for the last 1000 days. Any day with 0 new cases is considered to be part of a "winning streak".

For implementation details see GitHub.

Please note: this is a work-in-progress. Currently Scottish UTLAs aren't supported as historic data isn't available. I'd also like to add support for more visualisations and different geographic sub-divisions, when time allows.

Upper-Tier Local Authorities

Note: this list is sourced from the COVID-19 API, I am unsure if it's complete.